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Great help!!

Love this!! Helps me keep track of everything!

Best app ever

I originally left a 4 star review because I thought the app didn’t have a solid food button but I just went back and found it in my hidden section. This app has EVERYTHING! It’s SO easy and natural to use. I feel like a mom who has nursed 5 baby’s created it. Definitely worth every penny!!! Thank you! 🙌🏻

Best investment!

After having 3 babies, this app has been such a useful tool! I love that it is easily customizable for baby and helps to find trends. Alerts are customizable and you’ll never forget a feeding once you’ve found the trend! There is only one improvement I would consider, possibly two. I wish the feeding analysis would not include time sleeping in average of time between feedings and that we had the option to add “meals” or “beverages” so we can see the new trends and continue to use the app as our babies grow into toddlers.


Great app


Wonderful app for tracking feeds and remembering which side to feed from. Love it!

Huge helper!!

This is such a great app to keep track of feedings and diaper changes Especially when you are so tired those first few days it helps to have this reminder right on my phone to remind me when he last ate and when his last change was! The summary of each day really helps to compare days and see the total number of feeds and diapers etc

Very useful

Love it so far. Been using it for 3 days and it’s very useful.

Great Baby Log App

I’ve used this application for two of my babies now and between multiple family members to keep track of feeds, diapers, temperatures, medications, etc. It has been a very useful tool and I’ve been very happy with it.

Great app. Just missing one thing

This app is a lifesaver and soooo helpful and easy to use. Just wish it had a medicine option too to track meds or vitamins

Excellent all around!

Don't know where I'd be without this app. Been using it for the first month of my son's life and it's been incredibly helpful. So easy to use and provides many wonderful features!!

Great app

Worth every penny. Super user friendly and easy to track all things baby related.

Pediatrician reccomend Ed

My son’s doctor suggested I get this app. No frills, but plenty of function. You can mark diapers and breastfeed times and I love that you can view each day as a visual timeline.

Amazing thus far

Thus far, I’ve only used this for tracking breastfeeding times for my one-week-old, but even for that function alone, this app is well worth the small cost. I definitely look forward to using more of the features as baby grows!

Great app!

Very easy to use and the analysis function is great


The timer is simple and intuitive, and I appreciate the ability to edit and delete logged feedings when I have fat fingers. Diaper logging helps us be confident the kiddo is getting enough breastmilk. And the syncing between devices is even more useful than I thought it would be - it simplifies coordinating feedings on the night shift and helps us both know what to expect (as much as anyone can know what to expect with a newborn!).

Amazing app!!!

This app is exactly what I was looking for!! So easy to use and helps keep me organized. HIGHLY recommend

Really useful app!

Great app! My baby is now 13 months and this app has been so helpful keeping track of everything. I would have given 5 stars If it had a pumping timer. Love the analysis part of the app!

Great App

Perfect app for twins!

So user friendly and helpful

I used with kid #1 five years ago and now with kid #2! Such a lifesaver to track EVERYTHING!!!!!

Love it!

I love this app! Easy to use and great for tracking feedings.

Highly recommended

This app is incredibly helpful

Love it!

Love this after breastfeeding 4 children this is by far my favorite & the easiest!

Worth it!

This app has everything, charts, analysis. It’s so helpful and easy to use.


Love this app. I have used the baby wise method along with this app for all three of my children and they’ve all been on an excellent schedule and been good sleepers because I’m able to keep track of everything with this app. Most helpful is the feed timer which you can time how long you feed. It also shows running time between feeds which is invaluable for parent-directed feeding. I also like that you can keep track of when and how much you pump and supplement with formula in the logs. You can also track diapers, wet or soiled, which I've found helpful info for doctor visits. This app has taken so much stress out of my life by making it easy to get my babies on a good schedule!!!

Absolutely Incredible!!!

As a mommy to a newborn that feeds every 90 mins - 2 hrs, this app is a lifesaver!!! I no longer have to keep track of how long it's been since I breastfed, how long I breastfed for last or what breast I just fed with. This app does it all for me. With very little sleep, it's hard to remember any of that. This app takes out the guesswork and does it for me. Plus, the interface is so user-friendly. I love the big buttons "left" or "right" that are easy to see when you're tired with blurred vision and that the lighting changes when it gets dim. I love this app! Totally with the money!!! 🙌🏼

This app is everything you need for a newborn

Being a new mom deprived of sleep, the last thing I can do is remember how many wet or poopy diapers my little one bad through the day. This helps me keep track of it, and averages it out for the week. Not to mention if you are breastfeeding there is a timer that keeps track of how long and which side you need to be on. My LO is 8weeks and I’m still tracking everything. It’s extremely helpful. Aside from tracking feedings and diapers, you can track sleep and expressions. Then it puts everything in a chart for you where you can pick up on patterns. It’s worth every penny!


Edit: I still love this app! They keep making small improvements and it only gets better every time. 9/2018 Original review: 11/2012 Lovely app! Track length of feeding, side you start, time between feedings, diapers, pumping, bottles... All simple and streamlined with clean graphics and helpful analysis tabs. Easy to use, even at 3am. Big buttons, some nice customization features, works for twins, easy to correct a log if you forget to start/stop. You can add notes to each log! Excellent app.

Great app. Sanity saver. Get it.

Great app. Sanity saver. Get it.

I love this app

This is the second time I’m using this app. I used it 2 years ago with my daughters and it tremendously helped me track the feedings, diaper changes and sleep pattern. I just started reusing it with my newborn (4 days ago) and I’m still in love with it. They’ve even added a new features that has made it better and more convenient to track the feedings. I’d definitely recommend for new moms who’d like to keep track of their newborns feedings in an easy to use way.

INCREDIBLY helpful to a new mom

I don’t usually spring for paid apps but this one was totally worth it. I originally bought it because I was having trouble wrapping my head around newborn eating and sleeping patterns so the analysis time chart was the selling point because you can visually spot the trends quickly. When my baby is fussy, the first thing I check is the feed timer which helps me determine whether he may be hungry or not, and the express timer and notifications are very helpful for those who are exclusively pumping. My ONE complaint is that if I want the feeding and expression blocks to show up correctly on the summary time chart, I have to bump them back 15 minutes (I like to log when I FINISH a feeding or pumping session and this app records it as an automatic 30 minute block starting when you record the session.) So you can still easily see trends, they’re just skewed 30 minutes later or so if you record your feedings and expressions like I do. Other than that this app is absolutely perfect for us and I can’t recommend it enough.

The best one out there!

I tried four free apps (Philips Avent, Sprout, Medela, and one other) before giving in and paying for this one, and it was worth it 100 times over. This app is the only one with a clean interface, intuitive entries and logs, and helpful analysis. I especially love that you can easily filter to see how many times you've pumped, how many diapers the baby's had, and how much the baby has drunk. I'm doing exclusive pumping/bottle feeding now because of latch issues, and this app has been invaluable to help me keep track of my supply and her intake. Don't hesitate -- but it now! One suggestion -- I wish there were features to record both start and stop times for bottles, breastfeeding, and expression. Right now there are only start times, though it's possible manually to type in a note about duration.

Love it

I love the reminders and the many ways you can add feeding your baby.

So simple, so helpful.

I have used this app for tracking breastfeeding in two babies now and wouldn’t ever consider using anything else. The simplicity with option to get more in-depth is the key seller here. One button tap and you’re set = key 👌🏼 for those sleepy middle of the night feedings (or middle of the day when your toddler is all up in your business).

Love it!

My son has some health complications that make it necessary to track his feeding and diapers and this app makes it SO simple!!!

Great app

Love this app helps me keep track of feeding diapers, breathing treatment time , when to pump and so much ❤️

Best breastfeeding app

Great app! Helped so much, especially at night when you are foggy from lack of sleep with a newborn! I would highly suggest it!

Highly recommended

So easy to use and helpful for tracking, especially in the early days when it’s hard to find a free hand. Just one tap to start, change or stop a feeding record or to add a diaper change or other event and reminders when it’s time to feed again, all customizable. This app has given some first-time parents peace of mind about feeding and elimination schedules!

Super helpful and very easy to use

Being a nursing and sleep deprived mom this app is great to help me remember when to nurse and which side to nurse on. Easy to customize and it covers all aspects of feeding your baby. Breast, bottle, pumping and more! Great app for moms and care givers!

Love it

Love it


I really like this app. It has really taken one less thing off of my brain. I don’t have to remember my last feeding or which side I nursed from, the app does it for me. I only wish it would sound an alarm. Currently, it sends me a notification. But, I wish it had a built in alarm to wake me in the middle of the night.

This app is a lifesaver!

I’m a third time mom, and wish I had this for my first two kids. I love everything about this app, and how easy it is to use. My favorite is the daily schedule chart, as it is helping me to see trends in my 3-week old’s schedule and identify things I can improve on.

Essential baby app

I love the big buttons and how customizable it is. The night setting is really nice. But the shift between day and night was a little sporadic so I just keep mine on the night setting permanently.

Great app.

Love everything about this app. Highly recommend.

Worth the cost

There are many free apps to track feeding etc but I got this one bc, honestly, it was the first one I saw and I was in the hospital after delivering and so I just picked it. So glad I did though. It was worth the 4.99 bc it tracks everything in one app and analyzes data- so useful for pediatrician appointments bc I can answer how many diapers, how long baby feeds for etc using the averages provided. There’s also a growth tracker and many other features that I don’t even use. A couple of times I’ve left the timer running too long and it’s so easy to edit or delete feeds. This app is great! Love it and hit recommend.

Simple and works great

Like the daytime nighttime screen settings too. Happy I picked this one.

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this app!!

I usually don’t buy apps or download apps with “in-app purchases”. But this app was worth purchasing 100%! Baby Feed Timer was recommended to me and I love all of the features. I appreciate that I can easily keep track of my infant’s feeding schedule, as well as their diaper changes. It’s all compiled in one big list day-to-day so it’s easy to pull up for the Pediatrician to look at too. I highly recommend this app!!

The best app for breastfeeding

I used this app for my first child and loved it. I’m now using it again for my second child. It’s very easy to use.

Great App!!

I cannot say enough good things about this app! It keeps up with all of my feedings and more which comes in handy when your half asleep in the middle of the night. Pros: Keeps up with left vs right breast You can add multiple children and track their progress You can track time since last feeding according to your own unique settings Con: I wish the alarm was louder to wake me up when it’s time to feed again. I have to set my phone alarm to wake up and nurse baby.

Love it, could use more features

I love this app, it provides almost every thing I need. Would love a feature to track tummy time and any meds given like gas drops etc

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