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Muito útil!!!

Esse app é muito bom!


Muito útil, ajuda demais!


Ótimo! Minha filha tem 7 meses e uso desde que ela nasceu. É excelente quando está em aleitamento exclusivo.

Muito bom

Ótimo aplicativo

Muito bom

Super útil e pratico. Fácil e simples de usar.


Solid app, new dads dream

Great App!

I truly love every feature in this app! However, I do wish that there was a timer for bottle feeding and for pumping instead of just adding it in. Overall, great app!




Purchased for breastfeeding timer only, but use it for everything now. Our daycare uses it to keep track for us throughout the day as well.

Love it

Immensely helpful in keeping track of when my son is eating. I'm a first time mom learning breast feeding and this is helping know he's eating enough without me stressing about remembering when or which breast.

The best baby feeding app

You can customize anything including reminder time, screen settings, etc. They thought of everything with this app and it is much appreciated. You can add notes, edit entries, anything you need to do. Also, it aggregates and charts data for you so you can see feeding patterns. I linked this app with my husband’s phone too so he always knows when Baby last ate which is especially helpful for when baby wakes up in the middle of the night. He doesn’t have to wake me up to ask - he just checks the app on his phone. It’s amazing!

Does what I need it to!

Good simple app!

Love it!

Really helpful to record baby’s caring routine. Very good reference to estimate the time of the next coming feeding and diaper changing.

Very helpful

Usually I never pay for apps, but I made an exception with this one. It is a huge help with my newborn. Not sure what I’d do without it! It tracks everything, including pumping. The breastfeeding tracking and alerts are great. My little one is a big eater and I could never figure out a pattern or track which side to switch too. This solves all that! I actually don’t usually review apps either, but this is so good I had to do it. (Note my first review was entered with a ton of glitches. The text and rating were all screwed up. It should’ve been a 5 star rave review from the beginning. My apologies to the amazing designers).

Ktown reviews

I want to be able to change the time between reminders and can’t so that’s a bummer. Otherwise it works but the price still seems a little steep.


Absolutely love this app! It has helped keep track of the feedings so well & also love that you can edit the times & see the summary for the day/week!

Mom brain life-saver!

Mom brain life-saver! Easy to use and keep track of feedings while doing a million other things all at the same time.

Feeding app

This is so easy to use! And the reminders are helpful

Best money I ever spent on an app

The first week being a new mother is hard enough, tracking what you and your doc need to know shouldn’t add more stress and without this app it would have been hectic for sure.

Pause button

I’ve used this app for two kids spanning 5 years and love it for the PAUSE button. The charts and ability to visually see patterns is helpful. Love that I can email myself or doctor the feeding log if needed. Only caveat was wish there was a medicine/sick kid feature imbedded so I could log notes and set alarms to give the next dose of fever meds. I recommend this to every new mom.

Love this app!

Super easy to use, especially one handed.


Useful app for tracking feedings, diaper changes, etc. Customizable, so I can easily change settings to highlight what I need and personal preferences for which side to select for subsequent feedings.

You need this!

First time mama and I keep track of everything on here!!! I absolutely love it and highly recommend it to any mama and daddy out there :)

Love this App

This has been my favorite tracking app so far! Very user friendly!

So easy to use

This app is amazing. Would highly recommend to anyone who is breastfeeding.

Great App

Great, simple easy to use app. Only change I would make-allow for a difference between night feedings and day feedings in analysis and settings for reminders. ***after putting it away for a month I rebooted it to help me better understand my 4 month old’s eating/sleeping patterns. Still would really like to see a differentiation between night time and day for older babies since the averages don’t make since when he’s sleeping for a much longer stretch at night.

Great app

Been using this app since we came home from the hospital. It works really well and tracks feeding times and diapers + more.

Love this app...just needs 1 thing.

I love everything about this app and use it all the time. It is easy, helpful, and exactly what I need to keep tract of everything. The only thing I wish was also included was a tab for tracking when medicine was administered.

Great app

I have used to keep up with feedings for all four of my kids. Highly recommend it

Love this app, really helpful just two things we would like

This app is great. We are able to easily log all the info and it has been really helpful to keep track of his feedings and what breast is next. Very helpful when your sleep deprived. It’s good to know how long his average feeding is so we can know if he is getting his “full feeding” Both myself and my wife have the app. And it syncs the info to both our phones. Which is great. And if you forget to start the timer you can log it in later. If you remember to use the app it really does help. It would be nice if the app alarm/notifications to ring when the phone is in silent and do not disturb mode like our standard alarm does. We have just been setting a regular alarm but forget. I Also if they could add a “skin to skin” timer, or a way to add other categories to I give this app 4.5 stars 5 if they added those two fixes


Does all it says it does. I only wish that if I accidentally stop a feeding i could go back in and add to it. Sometimes i am so tired i hit the wrong button.

Good app!

Easy to use and gives me good info for doc visits (such as how many dirty diapers have happened in 24hrs) and feeding schedules.

Easy to use

Easy to use, helps me keep track so I’m not trying to remember to log everything. As a new mom it’s extremely helpful especially when you’re asked how long you feed, time between feedings, and diaper logs.

A Must Have !

We just got our first newborn, this app really made our job much easier on tracking feeding, diaper change. Very user friendly and super useful!

Good app

Really enjoying this app. Makes life and breastfeeding easier.

Really really helpful!

This app has been super helpful in keeping track of my baby’s feeding schedule & patterns. I like how it will not shut down if it’s in use because feedings take a long Ike. In addition, with everything going on with a newborn, I can’t remember most things, and this does the remembering for me. Finally, I just learned that it will combine entries, which is perfect for babies who take long breaks between breasts, when you thought they were done and ended the feeding session. Great app!

So helpful!

This app has been so helpful! As first time parents, this app has come in handy for tracking baby’s feeding and diapers. It’s especially nice to be reminded which side to feed on! My husband is also able to add diapers to the log and the syncing has been working well so far.

Great timer

I only log breastfeeding and generally just for the first few weeks until nursing is established. Great app for my needs.

I freaking love this app

I nurse and pump- this app tracks them perfectly. You can also set reminders, and it analyzes the data daily and weekly. So easy to use!

Helps with tracking

Amazing way to track when your sleep deprived

Fantastic App for parents!

So much to love about this app but the two main perks is tracking feedings and diapers. Sleep deprivation makes it hard to do on your own so this simple app helps out. My only complaint is that for a seemingly simple app, it consumes over 30% of my battery power when in use. Would be worth seeing if that can be trimmed down in development. Thanks!

What every nursing mom needs

Wish I had this app with my first child!

Great App!

Very useful in tracking your infants feeds and diaper changes.

Best app for tracking everything baby!

Love this app! I've tried a few other free apps and nothing compares to this one. Worth every penny!

Kay Ninne


Great app

Just missing being able to log play time

Best Infant Tracker

Everything you need to record is done here easily! I even log my postpartum meds here too and it works out great. Love that it gives you graphs and detailed averages makes doctors visits easy! Developers of this app are geniuses!!!! I can’t think of a suggestion probably because its so complete.

Great App

This app helped me through countless sleepless nights when we brought our daughter home. I swear by it and would recommend to anyone with a newborn.

Great App

Easy to use and clearly laid out. I love all of the data and the ways to view it. Not cutesy just straightforward.

Need to add option to change logs to different child

I accidentally logged a few weeks worth under the wrong child. An option to easily change logs between children would be helpful.


The easiest app to use. With baby #3, I finally found a simple and easy to use app.

Awesome, near perfect

Only extra thing I wish it had is the potential for both people using the same account (i. e. My husband and I) to be able to modify same activity. Specifically, if my husband starts the sleep timer, that I could end it. Really its the only change I’d do for this amazing app

Love it but wish it had...

I I love this app and love that it works well on my apple watch.i wish it had the two improvements: 1- on my Apple Watch I wished it showed time of last feeding. I can only see that on my phone. 2- I wish voice command worked when you are in the app. I want to say “start left” instead of pushing the button.

Highly recommended!

This is my first baby and he is now 7 weeks old.. this app has made my life so much easier. The name is a little misleading because this does so much more than just timing ur feeds. It gives all the feeding options u need like breastfeeding, bottle feeding both types, expressing plus the ability to edit and keep track of sleep and nappy changes. U can add notes email the log to save it. I love it! U can even sync it with other devices. I haven’t tried it with my watch yet as I haven’t been wearing it so I can’t say how it works with that. I only wish I could specify how long I want the time to be between feedings as he gets older so that the reminders are more spot on.

I’m am so thankful for this app.

Doctors wanted me to write all down and I couldn’t remember to carry a paper around to chart it. Was not happening so I looked for a feeding app and found this one and I am so happy with it. Even the doc and nurses love it since it so accurate with time what side to feed, waight, length and it charts it all down for me. I recommend this to all my moms in the labor and delivery wing.

Very helpful for first time mom

The app is easy to use and has really helped me keep track of my son’s feedings. Very grateful to have found it!

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