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Muito útil!!!

Esse app é muito bom!


Muito útil, ajuda demais!


Ótimo! Minha filha tem 7 meses e uso desde que ela nasceu. É excelente quando está em aleitamento exclusivo.

Muito bom

Ótimo aplicativo

Muito bom

Super útil e pratico. Fácil e simples de usar.


Solid app, new dads dream

Very helpful

This is a great app for new parents. We have a three week old and have been tracking feedings with this since day 3.

Great App

This is one of the only apps I’ve been able to bring myself to purchase, and its worth every penny. I’ve used it with both my babies (one is now 3 and the other is 5 months) to keep track of diapers (in the beginning), feedings, and other reminders. It is a great assistant for my tired, overstretched brain!

Small learning curve big reward

First few times I used the app, I didn't quite get all the stop, start, resume, and switch breast features. I love this app even more now. Able to accurately give the pediatrician how well she is eating and pooping/peeing. The sleep part is just as simple. The averages are nice to see. Would purchase this again and would recommend to others.

Great App!

Love it and its easy to use!

Momma to 4

This has been so helpful to track feedings - one less thing to remember when my brain isn’t as sharp as usual. Good, basic app without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Simple and functional

This app is great for tracking feedings, sleep, and changes. The analysis and charting features are also very helpful.

Must Have!

I love this app! It has everything you need.

Love it!

Best of the apps I've tried! Has everything, just wish I could restart timers when I accidentally press stop too soon. Also, sometimes an end time shows for feeding and sometimes it doesn't. I'd always like it to show.


Great app! Easy to use and helps me keep track of everything related to baby. I love that multiple users can record data. So happy that I found it!

Works well for us

Easy logs to present to Drs. Nicely syncs to mom and dads phones for easy shared use. Could use some more functionality with medicine data input and physics therapy inputs.

Great app

Easy to use

Couldn’t live without this app!!!

Use it everyday because my mommy brain can’t remember which side to breastfeed next. Also love how it links between people. My husband and nanny and I are all on the same page because of this app. Was also very helpful when I was first breastfeeding and struggling... I could keep track of everything (length of feeds, number of poops and wet diapers). We even used some of the data when working with a lactation specialist. I recommend this app to all my pregnant friends!!!

Love this app!

Very easy to use and I recommend to my friends. I've used it for my two kids and really like it

Love this app!!

I love that I can keep up with everything about the baby in this app! Would highly recommend it to any breastfeeding mom with a new baby!

It's awesome

I love it. Simple.

Great nursing timer!

This no-nonsense timer gets the job done, and the stats provide an amazing reference for your baby’s daily and weekly nursing activity. I use this app more than any other right now. It’s been a huge help to us, I highly recommend it.

Missing 1 thing

This is a fantastic app. The only request I gave is that they add the ability to track medicine and exercises, or a category that we can custom name. It would be great to be able to track antibiotics or Tylenol! And for tummy time or PT exercises. Other than that I love this app!!!

Great app

Great app! Couldn't live without it :-) So easy to use

So helpful!

This app has been super helpful with my breastfeeding journey.


Perfect for a new mom trying to keep track of everything! Love love love! Makes those nighttime feedings easier to remember which boob I left off on!

Love this app!

I have used this app for years as a nanny and mother, I love keeping track of our day! It's so Simple to have more then one child and to link with other parent. I tell all my new mommy friends about it, it's a must have for newborns!

Very helpful

Really helpful in noticing patterns and predicting when baby will need to eat next. Easy to use. The watch app works pretty well also.

Best feeding app

I never do reviews, but this app is totally worth it.

Great app

Very easy to use. Helpful tool. I love that I can track anything that is important to me.



Could not survive nursing without this

Great app, great data, great analytics. Helps keep me sane and organized with how much baby is eating and which to nurse from next. Love this app.


Everything you need!

Better than all the free apps

Tried a bunch of free feeding apps when my son was born and this is the only one that worked.

Great app!

I’ve used this for all three of my children; very helpful especially in the first few months after birth (when you really need to track feedings, diapers, etc.).


Great app to keep track of when baby ate last and for how long. This has saved me so many times! Baby is busy enough. Something else that will keep track of her activities is so helpful for a new mom. The watch app isn’t the best but I don’t use it too often. Only a handful of times. Worth buying!

Fantastic app!!

I’ve used it consistently to track feedings and diapers. Love the timers and reminder to breast feed or express milk. Super useful when it can be stressful to track everything. Also love that my husband has the app on his phone too so he can log too!


Very helpful, if you are forgetful or fall asleep the app lets you adjust feeding/diaper/ sleep times. Very nice

Worth it

Keeps everything nice and organized.


Love that I can just look at my Apple Watch main screen and see when my baby is due to eat! The phone and watch app are easy to use

Essential tool for learning baby’s ways

This app is so easy to use and has helped me recognize the eating and sleeping patterns my baby has developed over time. I love that it provides several ways to examine the data so I can make sense of all the information I’m tracking.

Great app!

And here I thought I would keep track of baby's schedule manually in a book! This app is super helpful, especially when you have baby brain. Knowing when the last feeding was is so helpful since you can lose track of time easily.

So helpful!

I am exhausted and this app makes my life easier. It’s easy to use, adjust and keeps track of the most important aspects of nursing.

Great functionality but needs minor improvements

The app works really well. It has made tracking all things baby so convenient. Feed timer is awesome as well so the sleep timer and charts it makes to see if there are trends. Some things to make it better: - for the feed timer if you pause it and then restart it and later modify the log, it lets you edit start and end time. It would be nice for the end time to also exist even if you didn't pause and restart - add length of time pumping to the express logging. It would be nice to see given it took x min how much output came out. Also total expressing for the day -adding a pause button for sleep would be great too. Sometimes babies wake up for several minutes but go back to sleep - The UI is kind of meh. Make it a little prettier. Add some icons of some kind.

Great app

This works very well for tracking data and is easy to use- I’ve used this with both of my kids and the app has improved greatly over five years. Highly recommend.

Best breastfeeding app

Super easy to use! Totally worth the $!

Finally, a comprehensive and reliable app!

This app is NEARLY perfect. I’d give it 4.75 Stars.... for the Review I’ve rounded up to 5 but noted the features I would like to see below. Overall, we LOVE this app. Even our pediatrician was impressed and asked for the name of it when she showed her the growth chart, analytics and trends. We’ve tried the top rated free apps, as well as other paid apps. We thought we’d found another paid app we loved, until the sync had a hiccup and all of our data was lost! Frustrated, we looked for a new one and found this. This is by far the best. We try to log everything... medicines given, sleep, bottles, expressions, feed timers, diapers, etc. It works wonderfully and my husband and I both use it on our devices. It allows us to better co-parent! There are a few things that would make it perfect/5 stars. First, one reason I picked this app was because it worked with the Apple Watch. Sometimes I’m nursing and don’t have my phone to time the feeding. That feature works like a charm on the watch. As a nice-to-have, I wish I could review data on the watch. You can only add/log, but that’s nit-picky. I dislike that you can only log up to 8 oz on the watch for expression. This is whether it’s one or both sides. I over-produce, so it’s not uncommon for me to pump 16 oz if I’m doing both sides and it’s been four hours since a pump or feed. You also cannot combine expressions, so logging 8 and 8 and then combining is out. Conversely, I LOVE that you can combine other items like sleep and breastfeedings. Say you feed for 4 mins, hit stop (vs pause) then start another timer. After, you can “join” these into one entry for more accurate data. The summaries, stats, analytics and charts are INCREDIBLE!!! They’re great for looking for patterns or cause/effect when baby isn’t well. The syncing is also fantastic and without hiccup. We’ve been using it for 2 mos and not once had a crash or lost data. I like that I can set reminders... I OFTEN forget I started a sleep or feed timer. It reminds me (a setting) and I can end or edit the entry. Super helpful for busy parents!!! The biggest “wish” I have is the ability to “hand off” sleeps. So if my husband starts a sleep timer and leaves, I am NOT able to end the sleep timer. His continues, and he just end his and I start mine, having to combine them later. I wish I could see his timer and just go from there. I also wish there were more entry options - we use “reminders” for a TON of things, none of which are reminders. We use it as a catch all for: medicines given, noting reflux or gas, tummy massages (our baby has GI issues), tummy time, play time, and colic/crying sessions. I wish there was a customizable entry option, or at least ones specific to medicine, activity logs, and another for behavior notes. All in all, this is a very well executed app. I’m sure in time it will only get better, and while I despise paying for apps, I have zero qualms around the value this one has given us. I’ll also note, I’ve never written an app review before, but decided to write this hoping to help parents in a similar position to us. Hope this helps. Net, I recommend this app. (I’ll even be re-buying it and gifting it to our nanny so she can log baby’s activity.)

The best

I've had three kids and logging is the best way to combat sleep routines. I've used other apps and physical journals and this by far is the best. I can customize my view, it has a dim function for night use next to baby, so intuitive and helpful. With mom brain this is a life saver and can be used by multiple care takes. The best!! Download and rest easy!

Great for monitoring breastfeeding

I don’t use the other functions much. I like the way the data is presented for breastfeeding and the ease of inputting data.

This is the one

Awesome really need this. Syncs to any device using the same app login.

Extremely helpful app

I have been using this app for about 5 months and have found it to be so useful in helping me keep track of my baby's feedings, diaper changes and sleep. I love that I can sync it with other devices and multiple people can keep track of everything. When I am at work, I can check the app and see what my baby has been up to with my sister, who watches her. There is an option to make notes for diaper changes and eating (and now, with the latest update, for sleeping too!) so my sister can put notes in there for me to read. There are so many great features to this app and I would feel lost without it! I recommend it to all my friends who are new moms.

Great for breastfeeding!

Tracks all of my feedings and it’s so easy to use!

Chart Pinch To Zoom Needed

This app is truly awesome in every way with just a couple of small inconveniences: (1) It needs the ability to pinch-and-zoom while in the Timeline Chart for better detail view instead of viewing everything from what feels like the next county over. (2) Also the ability to add a note directly in the Log as an event would be greatly appreciated so you can remember when you did "that last thing" etc.

Great app for new and second time moms!

I started using this app with my first soon 3 years ago. My second son is 2 weeks old and I immediately remember how convenient this app is and started using it right away... is the only app I have used with both babies!

Super helpful

This app has really helped me get in a routine for breastfeeding and helpful schedule with my baby. I'm loving it

Has everything

This is a great app for staying organized and keeping everything in one place. It’s a big help in tracking how much formula and milk my son is getting, to make sure we’re on the right track for growth.

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