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Muito útil!!!

Esse app é muito bom!


Muito útil, ajuda demais!


Ótimo! Minha filha tem 7 meses e uso desde que ela nasceu. É excelente quando está em aleitamento exclusivo.

Muito bom

Ótimo aplicativo

Muito bom

Super útil e pratico. Fácil e simples de usar.


Solid app, new dads dream

Easy to use

Easy to use and love the dark background feature at night.

Perfect app

This app does everything I need it to do. So glad I chose it.

Great app for all mommies, daddies & nannies!

Great app for all mommies, daddies & nannies!

Baby food timer

Great way to keep track of every baby action.

Useful and easy to use.

reliable and easy to use.

Not fancy but does exactly what it says

I have loved this app. It has calmed my mommy heart so many times. Between the grandparents and sitter we can keep track of all the important things.


So thankful for this amazing app!! It’s a lifesaver for my 8 day old baby and I. We would both be lost without it.

Does what it should

Helps keep track of feed time, breast used, time since last feed, diaper & type (pee, dirty, both), pumping, reminders (I use to remember bath time, medications etc), growth, and much more. Gives you averages for the day, week, and month & charts as well. I would've never remembered the number of pee diapers for our doctor's appointments had it not been for this app. Especially in the first couple of weeks everything is a blur! Also another VERY helpful thing is the ability to sync with another phone, so my husband can enter in data as well. **one suggestion: have the "time since last feed" also sync onto both phones, it only has it on the one the timer has been used on**

The Best Feeding Timer

I tried a different app and it wasn’t nearly as easy to use. This one also tracks diaper counts and types. It’s just an overall excellent app!

Love it!!

Love this app! It helps keep track of everything you need!

So helpful for a FTM

FTM trying to get breastfeeding established and this app has been so helpful. I love that it gives me reminders, keeps track of which side I’m on and has a really simple interface. I also like that I can track diapers with it so it’s easy answer pediatrician questions about average number of feedings and diapers. I would love it if there were an option to track custom parameters - I give vitamin d drops and probiotic drops while nursing and I wish there was a way to track whether I’ve done those each day as well.

It is my 2nd brain! I love it!

I really love this app! For It has been my second brain since my daughter was born, she is 4 months now and I still use it. I loved that it has the Apple Watch app too, very convenient!

Really useful app!

Great app! My baby is now 5 months and this app has been so helpful keeping track of everything. I would have given 5 stars If it had a pumping timer. Love the analysis part of the app!

Essential for new Mom’s

Easy to use, helps you keep track of what side you fed on and how long. Would like developers to make a feature that allows to access from locked screen.

Easy and Helpful

This app is extremely easy to use. Often times my hands are full and all I need to do is tap the options I need to start/stop my timer and record all my info. The daily summary is helpful when going to the doctor.

Great app for tracking baby feeds

Great app for tracking baby feeds, sleep, diapers and growth. Allows you to review the logs. Analysis tab shows stats for past few days and months. It even displays charts.

Easy to use

My husband and I love this app cause it is easy to use to add and track what our newborn is eating and how many times she is going potty. We don’t use the sleep tracking function but love everything else.

Great for multiple caregivers

I am a new grandma watching baby 4 days a week. This app is great to help us all keep track of how much he eats, sleeps and poops. Mom and grandmas can easily share how baby is doing across devices. A very useful little app!


We’ve used this for two babies in two years, it’s great. We both have the app on our phones and the linked usage is very helpful. We can log breast and bottle feedings, pumping, diapers, sleep, and the reminder is great for anything from medication to tummy time. I withhold one star just because I think it should be easier to save the info you enter. Middle of the night info has occasionally been lost due to our exhaustion/user error, I think there could be a design update to make saving any info entered more secure.

Life saver

This app is truly a life saver. With so much going on when having a new baby the last thing I am able to remember is what side did I nurse last and how long has it been. This app has made nursing so much easier and I highly recommend it to any new mom!

This app is a godsend

It’s well-designed, easy to use and does exactly what a new mom needs.

Loving this app

This app is so helpful with keeping up with diapers, feedings, which breast to start on at the next feeding. I am so dependent on this app to keep me in line since I am too sleepy to keep up myself!

Must have

I’ve used this with all three of my babies and I love the ease of use and the fact that I don’t have to keep track in my head or on paper at a time when I’m so exhausted! It takes the guesswork out of breastfeeding in the early days!

Great App for moms!

This is my third child but the first time using this app. I love it. It makes feeding time less stressful. I don’t have to remember to record what side my baby nursed on or for how long. It just happens automatically. So I can just enjoy nursing with my baby. The analytical data is also very helpful to plan sleeping and errands.

Thank goodness for this app!

What a lifesaver! Helped me answer the doctors questions. Helped me figure out my baby's schedule when I was too sleep deprived to figure it out on my own. Especially helpful when determining when he might eat again. Great app and super easy to use!

Love it!

I am using this app for the second time with my third daughter. Very easy to use, love that you can enter things manually and edit feedings (for when I hit the wrong button). Also love that you can track diapers and when I pump. Definitely worth the $1.99!!

So helpful, never crashes

I’ve used this app for 2 babies so far and I love how easy it is. The analysis and summaries are so helpful to me. And I’ve never had a problem with the app crashing (I hope I’m not jinxing myself!).

Use it everyday

Have been using it for 18 mos. Easy to use and syncs between phones.

Love this app!

Great app/easy to use across devices. So much better than tracking on paper and great analytics tools. As a new Mom, this helps with a few less things to remember!

Really helpful

Didn’t think I’d need a tracking app, but guess I did! Super helpful to track diapers in case the doctor needs it and for me tracking which side to feed.

Easy to use

FTM and I am so happy to have this app to help me remember when Baby ate last and off of which boob I should start her. The only problem is with the Apple Watch. It tells me the timer is still going even after I stopped it.

Twin Friendly

As a twin mom this app has been a lifesaver for setting a schedule and tracking my babies' patterns. I am able to see over a span of time when they are likely to wake up; thus this app has helped me stay one step ahead. I like that I can sync it to my husband's phone though I wish I could have just paid for it once since it's for the same two children. The timer for pumping and medicine is a great feature and refreshing to know all kinds of parents and all kinds of moms (EBF/formula/solids) can benefit from this. I like how simple it is to switch from child to child and how each child gets his/her own alarms. I love the Apple Watch app. It's simplicity makes it very user friendly even more easy than the phone app. My one suggestion is to set multiple alarms manually instead of a preset timer because sometimes I'm a little late on their schedule and then the timer for the next feed is also late. Also I don't feed them during the night so I don't like that the timer going off at night unnecessarily.


Love it! Works great for this breastfeeding mama. Love that you can edit your start time and feeding length as well as document your child’s checkup data.

A must have

I don’t buy apps!!! I don’t! But, I did buy this one and would have paid 10x as much for it in all honesty!

Expressions disappear

App worked great for a few weeks but now I notice that expressions disappear from the log. Every day I have to remember and renter at least 1 expression. Would be great if this bug was corrected.

Amazing app

This was a very helpful app. I was able to keep everything logged which allowed me to know what my child needed when she was fussing. Great for 1 or more children

Everything You Need!

This has made my life as a mom to a newborn so much easier - tracks everything and shows it in really helpful ways. I wish I had it with my first child!! The best piece of parenting advice I received!

Works well with twins

We have twins and this works great!

Excellent tool

Very well put-together app and well worth the $5 I paid for it!

So helpful!

Highly recommend! Very useful to figure out your baby’s routines and to have all of the information at your fingertips for pediatrician appointments.

Very helpful app!!

In the first few days and weeks after bringing a newborn home, this app is very helpful in keeping track of feedings and diapers!! Takes all the guess work out!

So helpful!!!

This is such a helpful app for parents! Highly recommend it!

This app rocks!!!

I loveee this app!!!

So helpful!

I am exhausted and this app makes my life easier. It’s easy to use, adjust and keeps track of the most important aspects of nursing.

Good app

It does what I want it to. I have the basic version. It times how long LO eats and I can change what side she’s supposed to eat on next if necessary. The screen change for night time use used to be great but now it’s got some kinks of some sort. It doesn’t always transition when there’s low light or no light and after having it work great for a short period and then not work is really disappointing. It also tracks how long she’s eaten and averages things for me so that’s helpful if she’s going through a growth spurt! Overall a good app but I got spoiled with the low light mode and now that it has some kinks I’m a little bummed about it.

My favorite app

Have used this app for awhile now (BF #4 currently) and love this app. Make it super simple at doctor appointments to tell pediatrician how often and how long we nurse. And nice to have in the middle of the night when you can’t remember which side you need to nurse on

I love this app!!!

Being a new mom things can be pretty overwhelming, so having an app that helps keep track of feedings and diaper changes, etc. is great. I use it every day and I don’t know what I would do without it.

Great app but has a few hiccups

Great app I recommend other new moms to get this app. It helps alot with documenting the breast feedings, breast expressions (pumping) and diapers. All three things are very important to document in the first week on your child's life. Because it will help you and the lactation consultant determine if you are doing everything to get you milk to come in. Now the hiccups: hopefully the developer(s) of the app will read this and fix this hiccups. 1) When manually entering feeding times it would be nice if the number keyboard would show up. Instead of me (with baby in my arms) male the extra step to manually switch my keyboard to numbers. 2) Log suddenly dissappers ! Causing this mom to cry 😿. It says in the FAQ that the log may suddenly dissapper after and app update. I did not manually update this app and my log disappeared. This 'feature' is why this app gets 4 instead of 5. 3) Night feature gets confused at dusk and dawn. This app will quickly transition to night mode and then back.

Great app!

And here I thought I would keep track of baby's schedule manually in a book! This app is super helpful, especially when you have baby brain. Knowing when the last feeding was is so helpful since you can lose track of time easily.

Great App

This is one of the only apps I’ve been able to bring myself to purchase, and its worth every penny. I’ve used it with both my babies (one is now 3 and the other is 5 months) to keep track of diapers (in the beginning), feedings, and other reminders. It is a great assistant for my tired, overstretched brain!

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