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Baby Feed Timer, breastfeeding app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 1904 ratings )
Lifestyle Medical
Developer: Fehners Software LLP
4.99 USD
Current version: 6.2.3, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 07 Oct 2010
App size: 40.52 Mb

“Simple, quick and easy to use – a must for night feeds!”

"All the answers to your paediatricians questions in the palm of your hand!"

Time Magazine says:
"Baby Feed Timer, an elegant app that makes tracking breastfeeding a cinch, with perks.
The feed timer gives you left and right buttons (large buttons, thank goodness, so they’re easy to hit if you’re simultaneously cycling the baby through different feed positions). The best part? The analysis screen."

Designed by and for breastfeeding mothers who want to track when and for how long their baby feeds, including a useful reminder for when a feed is due. It even tells you which breast to start on!

Baby Feed Timer does it all for you!
Tracks breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, diapers, sleep, solid food, babys weight and babys length. You can also make notes (ideal for recording babys temperature and medicine given) and set notifications/alerts.

You can even synchronize the data across different phones (both iPhones and other phones) and view your data online at, making it easy to share babys day with your partner or carer.

Quickly log data about baby from your Apple Watch. You dont even need to get your phone out of your pocket!

Data is analyzed ready for you and your paediatrician and shows daily, weekly and monthly averages.

See babys day at a glance and spot trends quickly with easy to read charts.

√ Personalise the App to your baby by adding a picture, baby’s name and date of birth. It even tells you how old your baby is in weeks.

√ Use the App for more than one baby. Whether it’s a sibling later on or twins or more with full support for multiple timers!

√ Easy to use one button start/stop timer, especially useful during the night feeds.

√ Log breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, diapers, sleep, solid food, babys weight, babys length, make notes and set reminders.

√ Synchronize data between different phones (iPhones and other phones). You can also view babys data on

√ Apple Watch App. Quickly log breastfeeds, bottles, sleep, diapers, and breast pumps from your Apple Watch. Apple Watch also tells you when the next feed is due. It can even be used when your iPhone is switched off or not nearby!

√ Night mode. The App detects light levels and automatically selects a night or daytime theme.

√ Focus on whats important to you by selecting which activities you would like to be displayed. You can even customize it further to show them in the order of your choice.

√ See babys weight and length plotted against data from the World Health Organization to see what percentile your baby is in.

√ Pause button. Ability to pause the timer during a feed.

√ At a glance view of how long since baby last fed, next feed time and which breast to use next.

√ Notifications to alert you when next feed is due, showing which breast to use.

√ View when the next feed is due from your lock screen.

√ Analysis of the data including average time between feeds and feed times for the day, week and month.

√ Easy to read charts displaying analyzed data, as well as a timeline view so you can see emerging trends, such as baby feeding or sleeping at the same time every day. This also helps to show days when baby is acting differently such as more dirty diapers than usual.

√ View how long you have fed your baby for that day. Particularly useful for mothers who are monitoring if baby is feeding enough.

√ Manually add feeds if you miss one as well as edit feeds.

√ Add notes to existing logged feeds such as if baby was sick or fussy during a feed. You can also add a note to the log diary itself, for example, you can log babys temperature and medicine given and optionally set a reminder for the next dose.

√ You can choose if the next feed is calculated from a set interval or using current feeding trends.

√ You can swap breasts during a single feed.

√ The option to email your data to your computer.

Pros and cons of Baby Feed Timer, breastfeeding app for iPhone and iPad

Baby Feed Timer, breastfeeding app good for

Only used it a few days but its the best app Ive bought so far!
I tried all the free apps but this one is far better! You can navigate on the Internet while recording, & amend/add feeding sessions. no side confusions like other apps.
Very useful and easy to use. Nothing better on the fr AppStore. Id love to have the choice to get the "xx since last feed" start at the end of the previous, And maybe have the option to set up an alert after for instance 1hour if the log is still on hold (to wake us up), and maybe some graph reports? Thx !
Very Nice app, easy to use. Nice enhancements added recently (log, Time since last feed) Some missing options / fonctionality to gèt the fifth star : - sum of quantity / time / expression every day (the 7 last days for instance) to see how it goes. - enhancement of the average page : average of all feed (breast + formula) - maybe Thére is a defect on average. I don t breast feed anymore for weeks and i still have an average showing for current month ? Anyway congrats the app is so useful !!!
Great app, so useful and easy to use... Would be great to have a graph comparison day by day...
Especially since the diapers were added. A combo with the baby spleep app would make it complete.

Some bad moments

It was great before the update that ruined it. The timer doesnt make sense anymore.
Cronometer gone crazy after last update... Sad because i really like this app.
Since then the timer since last feed and during feeds has a will of its own and shows/records in 9 out of 10 times wrong times. Please fix immediately!!! Thank you!
Wont even let me change settings, not happy for an app that I had to pay for!

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