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Only used it a few days but its the best app Ive bought so far!

Simple & easy

I tried all the free apps but this one is far better! You can navigate on the Internet while recording, & amend/add feeding sessions. no side confusions like other apps.

Just use it !

Very useful and easy to use. Nothing better on the fr AppStore. Id love to have the choice to get the "xx since last feed" start at the end of the previous, And maybe have the option to set up an alert after for instance 1hour if the log is still on hold (to wake us up), and maybe some graph reports? Thx !

Nice app

Very Nice app, easy to use. Nice enhancements added recently (log, Time since last feed) Some missing options / fonctionality to gèt the fifth star : - sum of quantity / time / expression every day (the 7 last days for instance) to see how it goes. - enhancement of the average page : average of all feed (breast + formula) - maybe Thére is a defect on average. I don t breast feed anymore for weeks and i still have an average showing for current month ? Anyway congrats the app is so useful !!!

Get it its great

Great app, so useful and easy to use... Would be great to have a graph comparison day by day...

Used to be great

It was great before the update that ruined it. The timer doesnt make sense anymore.

Good app that could use some tweaking

A fairly basic app that is pretty useful particularly for remembering which side to start on. The options for calculating the next feeding time could be improved. The only options right now are a fixed interval or the average time between feedings. Too bad it cant detect patterns to reflect babys real feeding schedule ie when theyre sleeping through the night.

Great app

Especially since the diapers were added. A combo with the baby spleep app would make it complete.

Good app

It was quite what I was looking for but a combination with a sleep timer and difference between night and day would make it fully efficient.

Very useful app!

I find it very useful mostly to remember which side was given last, and to keep track of babys feeds rythm, number of feeds per day, diapers/day, plus expressed milk... I also like the charts for a global view of babys feeding evolution.

Love this app!

I used it two years ago for my son and am back using it for my daughter. It was great then and is awesome now! Its easy and intuitive to handle and the charts really help with spotting trends. I highly recommend it!

Great app

Very helpfull. Im using it since I started breastfeeding. Great for timing and reminding which breast to use.


Very helpful! My wife wont go anywhere withou her iPhone because of it.


Very helpful! Im using it since she were born and I cant leave without my iPhone because of that

Really helpfull

Im simply addicted to this app while breastfeeding! I just think it could get better with the email logs, cause it doesnt work or organize as well as it is shown in the app.

Cronometer gone crazy

Cronometer gone crazy after last update... Sad because i really like this app.


After this update the cronometer is working again. It is very useful. I like it very much.

Very good

Helpfull app, email the records and keep everything organized for the visit to the pediatritian. It could get better if you add a "juice" button, now that my baby ia drinking orange juice. Thanks

The best

I tried a lot of app and in my opinion this iBaby is the best!

Helpful app for exhausted new Moms

Only one improvement would be a notes functionality!

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